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‘First Dates’ on VOX: Do guests have to pay themselves?

‘First Dates’ on VOX: Do guests have to pay themselves?

“first date” on VOX It became one of the most successful and popular (is that actually the same thing?) early evening shows in Germany and Austria. The concept is also really charming and lives up to the slogan “The way to the heart is through the stomach”:

Presenter Roland Trettl welcomes bachelors who have arranged to meet there on their first date (“first dates”) in the elegant (but not pretentious) restaurant. After that we feed together and take a good look at each other. At best, both the food and the other person are found to be tasting good and much loved. In the worst case, both were not recommended. Whatever it was, the cameras ruthlessly capture every second.

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Many questions about “first dates”

As a viewer: at home on the couch (with sausage sandwiches and Lidl mineral water instead of seafood in white wine sauce), some questions arise – regardless of why they voluntarily let you shoot on a first date. What restaurant are “first dates” about? How long does a candidate date really last? Is charming bartender Nick Shanker single? And: Do guests have to pay for the food they order from the menu themselves?

Some of these answers are easy to Google. But not the last. This is why you should read now.

Do guests have to pay themselves?

The constant point of every date in a dome show is always the question of who pays — and whether the other person likes it. The menu in “First Dates” is varied, but above all it has exquisite dishes, which is why the bill (even if we are viewers: we can’t see it) is likely to be very generous often. But do the guests on the show really pay themselves, or is it just fake – and the VOX station actually opens the wallet?

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The hard truth is: Yes, the guest has to foot the bill themselves on “first dates.” After all, even in real life, you can’t refer to the buying power of a particularly German radio station when it comes to paying for a (hopefully romantic) dinner. And it’s on “first dates” that real life happens. In the above example of 52-year-old Ralph, unfortunately…

Where and when can “First Dates” be seen?

First Dates can be seen weekdays at 6pm on VOX.