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The Ibiza Affair: The Beginning of the TV Series

The Ibiza Affair: The Beginning of the TV Series

The Ibiza Affair celebrated its world premiere yesterday and will air from October 21.

Vienna. Summer 2017, late in Finca in Ibizia: HC Strache dedicates vodka and Red Bull, speaks profusely for journalists, offers oligarchy support if they take over Kronen Zeitung and cut paper in the FPÖ course. In return, her construction alliance would get huge contracts from the state. It was the beginning of the end of Strach.

Sky’s four-part series “The Ibiza Affair” by film director Christopher Scherr is now being released. With cast stars like Nicholas Ovcharek as a charismatic private investigator, Andreas Last as HC Strache and Julian Lohmann, who plays Strache’s party-mate Johann Goodnus. Yesterday’s bespoke series celebrated the world premiere (after the deadline for editing) at the Ottakringer brewery in Vienna, 350 guests were invited.

Review: Good performance, good organization, a little new

Movie review. Austria watched the series in advance: no savings in the cast: Nicholas Ovcharek is the perfect choice for the role of sleazy private investigator and serial smoking Julia H.In addition, Andreas Lust as HC Strache, who greedily falls into a trap – very successful. The series’ plot, sandwiched somewhere between political thriller and satire, naturally contains no surprises, because one thing is clear: In the end, a video appears causing a domestic political earthquake. How this happened and what prompted the masterminds to do so is told in flashbacks, giving the series a pace. Conclusion: Well played and well managed by Christopher Sher, but little new in terms of content.

Austrahlungs-Termine. Sky will air the first two 45-minute episodes on October 21 (8:15 p.m. and 9:05 p.m.), and the second on October 28.

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