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Flamenco gang kicks off: poetry meets flamenco – theatre, music and dance

Flamenco gang kicks off: poetry meets flamenco – theatre, music and dance

The flamenco ensemble presents a special evening of concerts and theater with its premiere of “Sleep, I don’t kiss you” on June 15th in the Salzburg Schauspielhaus foyer.

If you fall asleep, I will not kiss you . . . This is an excerpt from a poem by Juan Ramón Jimenez that inspired this evening’s flamenco gang.

The special feature of the evening lies in the interdisciplinary mix of music, dance, singing, acting and the poetry of Spanish-speaking poets.

“Poetry and entertainment are not opposites,” the flamenco gang believes.

It was founded by guitarist Stefan Barthen and actress and dancer Samira Kirchhofer Flamenco gang 2022 after they have been working together for some time and decided to intensify this work.

For their new show, they’ve invited charismatic singer Josué Vergara, whose haunting and powerful voice the duo enriches. Among other things, he is active as a vocalist in the band “Los del sur”.

Guitarist Stefan Parthen is famous in the flamenco scene and not only in Salzburg!

Bärthlein is always looking for new challenges. He interprets passionate flamenco music with sensitivity and subtlety at the same time.

Kirschhofer, also known as “Cherry blossom timingShe has her roots in theater and spreads out in many different directions. She loves the fusion of different art forms. She loves dancing, especially flamenco dancing.

With all the means of expression at their disposal, the artists want to move the audience this evening. It takes you on a journey. tell stories.

And: VERY IMPORTANT!: Show flamenco outside of the clichés.

“We understand flamenco as an incredibly direct and powerful medium of expression,” says The Gang.

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