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Florian Boys Choir: Anniversary Concert with Franz Welser-Most at the Abbey

Florian Boys Choir: Anniversary Concert with Franz Welser-Most at the Abbey

The Saint Florian Boys’ Choir celebrates its 950th anniversary this year and celebrates this anniversary with a series of events.

Street. Florian. The highlight of these festivities was certainly the grand anniversary party with Franz Welser-Most on Friday 11 June in the monastery’s marble hall. The Boys’ Choir performed Anton Bruckner’s Requiem in D minor with the Bruckner Lenz Orchestra. The soloists were Denny Disdarevic and Benedikt Fürstner as the soprano in the boys’ choir, Alois Mühlbacher as Alto, Mateusz Schmidlechner as tenor and Clemens Sander as bass.

Watch the recording online

Due to the new regulations, it was possible to have a suitably large audience, which gave the artists huge applause. For all those who could not live there, the concert was recorded and made available online. Corresponding links can be found on

There was also Governor Thomas Stelzer (right).


AK and AEC are dedicated to the future of work

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The future of retail: digital work

Retail employees already feel digitization is close: a scanner records all data and turns cashiers into transparent employees. Self-service payments that cost jobs. Huge competition from online trading – especially now in the shadow of the pandemic. These massive changes are leading to major concerns among business employees: Will I still be at my job tomorrow? Will a computer do my job soon? do we have …


This could also be the work of the future: AK Party Chairman Dr.  Johan Kaliauer (right) and AEC President Gerfried Stocker provide an exoskeleton that can help with heavy-duty work.

AK-Future Days 2021

Business of the future: €1 for Ars Electronica

Work is an essential aspect of how we define ourselves as human beings. So it’s no surprise that digitization is a huge challenge for employees. Many questions are asked: What might the work look like in the future? How can this far-reaching change be made as fair as possible? The special exhibition “Working in the future and in the future” at the Ars Electronica Center (AEC) in Linz addresses these topics in four areas. For members…


Supermarket checkouts: a typical example of increasing digitization in retail.

AK-Future Days 2021

The business of the future: employees in the digital world

One of AK-Future Days’ focus areas is trading. The first event will take place on Thursday 17th June from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. It’s called “The Retail of the Future: Employees in the Digital World”. Interested parties can experience an informative lecture and exciting discussions at home in front of their computers. You can also participate in the discussion on your own. Experts: Anton Salisny of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (“Retail/Supermarket of the Future”), Dominic …


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