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FM4 Favorite Songs with Mira Lou Kovacs

Whether as a solo artist or with bands like 5KHD and My Ugly Clementine: Mira Lu Kovacs has fans who declare her songs as their favorites. She herself is a fan of Celine Dion, Ani DiFranco, Radiohead, and many more.

to Suzy Ondrousova

Touch the music. It may evoke in others the same thing that I felt when I had my musical awakening experiences, Mira Lou Kovacs says. It’s surreal: “People who understand this or that what I do and how I write songs matter to them: That means everything! That’s a big deal to me! Having fans is great! That’s absolutely ridiculous to me. It wouldn’t work without fans!” says the musician in the FM4 studio.

When asked about the music of her childhood and youth, which evoked the feeling “I want to do that too,” Mira mentioned the boy from Sister Act 2 who hit the highest notes with his voice in “Oh Happy Day,” and she replied. Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” also mentions Debbie Harry from the legendary new wave punk-wave Blondie icon.

Three songs, three musical moments that symbolize strength and empowerment. In conversation about inspiration, role models and “sustainable careers” the musician’s great work Ani DeFranco Don’t go without mentioning: “Because she has an incredible number of skills and she’s also very loyal to her thing, playing with whoever. She always turns it into a political issue. A very active, hands-on person!”

You can also tell about Mira Lou Kovacs if you look closely. Oh no, her colorful “Stop Femicide” poster during the opening concert of the Wiener Festwochen at Rathausplatz was unmissable!

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with “happy fucking life” 5KHD gave the world their own anthem “Oh Happy Day” (and created the number one song on FM4’s annual chart for 2020). Still on the agenda this year: “Sad Songs To Cry To,” the joint album with Clemens Wenger, which will be released at the beginning of December and will contain new versions of popular favorites.

And because Mira Lou Kovacs’ songs sometimes have a certain coolness and stillness, Musician on FM4 finally answers the question of what song makes her dance!

FM4 Favorite Songs with Mira Lou Kovacs

Sunday November 27th 4-5pm on FM4 and on FM4 Player