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Gregor Bloeb attacks "Woke Bubble"

Gregor Bloeb attacks “Woke Bubble”

The representative and new director of the Tiroler Volksschauspiele in Televs, Gregor Ploeb, described the Wouk activist movement as “bourgeois” and “fascist”. When it comes to art, this “bubble” leans towards mediocrity and the petty bourgeoisie, while the “theater of natural instincts” is important to him, in which primitive human struggles are negotiated. “Under my administration, theater and art should touch everyone,” he said in an interview with APA Agency.

Art as a whole, Bloeb explained, had already been largely “removed and separated from the people”. Theater, for example, should in no way be “some kind of secret language” for a select audience. So if many theaters in Austria are currently half empty, it will also be because of the way theater is made: “many subjects there serve their own bubble”.

He himself, on the other hand, wants to see “ordinary citizens” and young people in performances again: “For me, it’s about a great deal of togetherness, about exchange, about the things we have in common.” Bloeb said the goal should be “a bubble-free space for everyone.” “That is why I consciously include the Tyrolean subculture and end the festival with a concert by Viennese rapper Young Horn.”

In general, the actor said that he is interested in “the tangible, the tangible.” “It is certainly no longer enough that art creates imaginative spaces and raises any mirror to society.” It is much more important that “the art goes back to the people again”, that there is exchange after the show and that as many different people as possible “take on the culture”.

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Incidentally, the coveted “freedom from the bubble” in one’s actions and work at Telfs also extends to one’s family. “I didn’t want to immediately involve Tobias and my wife Nina in the first season,” he asserted. The two will be merged in the future more “on demand” and if there are already pieces that practically require representation of the two.

Much more than considering big names, however, he is driven by the issue of “technical and human survival strategies”. “It’s all rubbish at the moment,” said Blob. But that’s exactly why it must do something and act: “It needs these very tangible cultural spaces and utopias that are different from the world.” In any case, the formula “shit plus X” applies to him, Volksschauspiele’s manager stated. “Art, your actions, that is the crucial point at the moment.”