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FM4 is looking for the Sziget Festival Sundowner 2023

FM4 is looking for the Sziget Festival Sundowner 2023

AZE, FARCE, Jeremy Pascal, Oskar Haag or Wallners: vote and decide which Austrian act should perform on stage in Europe at this year’s Sziget Festival.

Written by Lisa Schneider

A few days ago, the team behind Sziget Festival unleashed the second wave of bands on Us and You, and indeed, bending back and taking a deep breath makes sense. Would you rather see Yung Lean the Carline Polacheck? Do you prefer Billie Eilish or Florence + the Machine? Dear Lord or Foals? Arlo Parks or Viagra Boys? All impossible decisions – thanks – don’t have to be made anyway: If you buy tickets for the Sziget Festival 2023, you can watch all these events between August 10th and 16th, 2023 (scheduling clashes not yet included).

Rockstar Photographers

The Sziget Festival will take place in Budapest from August 10 to 15, 2023. You can find all the information here.

But there’s also a reputation to defend and a huge festival crowd to delight: half a million people from all over the world travel to Budapest every August, or get ready for a week of laid-back, groovy music and partying together on ‘Freedom Island’. We are so excited to work with the magazine again this year Gap To be awarded the Sziget Festival Sundowner 2023 slot. Five performances have been nominated, and you can vote until April 9 to decide who will perform in the hopefully beautiful evening sun on the Europe Stage at the Sziget Festival site. We send to the race:


Ezgi Atas answers who AZE To ask why this sunset slot should be played at Sziget 2023. Pragmatic, it’s like nothing else about AZE and their music: neither their elegant looks, or their primal ballads, nor the cool coolness with which Bizza and Izge confront us time and time again. If you don’t pick them up there, festival-goers will be doing it themselves in a few years.

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We also asked FARCE. She’s referring to her appearance at Popfest 2022 and she’s very right when she says “this is in front of a lot of people” and on a “very big stage” it worked out very well. Seebühne Open Air, the closing party of the evening, the slates rushing into the night (their own and their borrowed slates), this is all top-notch contemporary and timeless pop. And she does it alone on stage. FARCE is the movie you might want to see as Caroline Polachek’s opening act. From pop star to pop star!

Jeremy Pascal

You might only admit it after a cold drink or two, and it’s probably a generational issue, but few would deny the healing powers of heartbreak punk at a festival. The ’90s were fun, let’s say it out loud again, members Jeremy Pascal They were actually too young to accommodate their musical milieu, but the 2000s brought traces of emo/punk/punkpop with them. Music to navigate in the front row.

Oscar Haag

Oscar Haag, his music and sunsets go hand in hand with vanilla ice cream and pumpkin seed oil (if you haven’t tried it, you lose out), what else have we asked? Perhaps what other work at the festival would his music fit in, as a kind of opening act? “Billie Eilish,” he grinned, as he told us before in an interview on FM4. She also does most of that, at least in the past, at home, in the bedroom, and by herself. We imagine Star Gazing before Happily Ever After to be super cute.

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Wallners Sziget Festival 2023’s lineup is a little intimidated, but: “We accept the challenge!”. That would also fit very well, to meet the nightfall with gentle songs, even if it was about Dracula and shipwreck (dreams). Also: I haven’t heard anything new from Wallners for a long time, a performance in Sziget would be a great launching hook. Win / win for you.

FM4 is looking for a 2023 Sziget Sundowner

Together with the GAP, we’re looking for the Sziget Sundowner Act 2023. You can vote here through April 9: