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FM4 releases the week

FM4 releases the week

New music this week from Verified, Eli Preiss & Drunken Masters, Fred Again.. (with Obonjayar) and Baby Que. Vote for who should enter the FM4 schedules next week!

By Gerald Holler

Verified – “Labyrinth City”

Checked back years before their musical comrades-in-arms. In case “Labyrinth of the City” So it’s just over two decades. Because while the German-speaking music scene is currently immersed in the new wave sound of the 80s, the Viennese musician leaves Y2K German pop à la Echt, Juli, Silbermond & Co. “great time” From July in the making “Labyrinth of the City” He may have turned in the Veris Discman at one point or another. The content is also similar: heartbreak from misunderstanding, lack of communication and unspoken love.

Eli Preiss and the Drunken Masters – “All Alone”

Eli Preiss is one of the most important musical voices of FLINTA* empowerment in Austria. The Viennese musician has stirred up so much dust in Germany’s male-dominated rap scene that rappers Shouvi gasped for breath in their Gucci bag for the last of their tattered FFP2 mask. The new track, for which German producer duo Drunken Masters put together a club patch, also exudes self-empowerment and self-confidence. Eli Preiss doesn’t need unwanted help. Its money – makes it “totally alone”! Your (Fer)Rari tires – shredded “totally alone”. It just needs your help to get high in the FM4 charts.

Unique again.. – “Adore U (ft. Obongjayar)”

It’s hard to talk about Fred again.. without using superlatives. After all, the Englishman is already revered in the world of electronic music as an innovator and purveyor. Anyone who disagrees should check out the Tiny Desk Session or one of their featured live sets. When Fred again.. places his device with his fingers at the speed of light, mouths open – after a short pause for breathing, it turns on “amazing” He listens. to “I love you” Unique collaboration with Obongjayar. The London-based Nigerian artist has been on his wish list for collaborations for quite some time: “Finally sitting in the room and hearing this beautiful man sing those words over there. And it felt really magical.” The result is an airy summer house track in which the two express their admiration for their younger siblings.

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Little Queen – “We Could Be Anything”

The second season of the series “Heartstopper” The storm has taken hold of our hearts. FM4’s Alica Ouschan dealt extensively with questions about why the story of teenage couple Nick and Charlie is so wholesome, but at the same time makes millennial viewers look back a little wistfully on their youth. You can read the great article on the subject here. One name that keeps popping up on the show’s soundtrack: Baby Queen. A total of eight songs were written by the London-based musician for “Heartstopper” user. the song “we can be anything” It was released simultaneously with the release of the second season and beyond “dream girls” Second taste of the eagerly awaited first album. “we can be anything” It deals with ongoing existential crises, the question of the meaning of life, the feeling of meaninglessness or meaninglessness and how freedom can emerge from all of this.