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FM4 releases the week

New music this week from Honeymoan, Chet Faker, Jack Harlow, and The Last Dinner Party. Vote for who should enter the FM4 schedules next week!

By Gerald Holler

honeymoon “sorry as you mean it”

After the excellent Ballas, Grippo and The Body, the South African alt-poppers’ debut album will finally be released at the end of September. The song title “Sorry Like You Mean It” is about the difficulties of loving someone who, despite severe mental health issues, is unwilling to work on themselves and fight for the relationship. The honeymoon admirably carried out a constant rollercoaster of affection and frustration. The tender, understanding, tense verses break out in a chorus of discontent and disappointment. Honeymoon provides the soundtrack against energy vampires and for a free and optimistic life.

Chet Faker “Something Like This”

Australian singer-songwriter Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy) also talks about escaping a toxic relationship on “Something Like This”. Overcoming the darkness in order to live a happy life again in the light is the motto. The spotlight on “Something Like This” is only smashed by the disco ball, which makes its rounds over the dance floor to thumping bass, soulful vocals, and the jazzy Rhodes house organ sound. Alana O’Herlihy directed the video. She’s not only known for her Dua Lipa & Miley Cyrus collaborations.

Jack Harlow, they don’t like her.

Has Jack Harlow been nice these past three years? Three studio albums and his acting debut in a remake of White Men Can’t Jump are reason enough to consider this question obsolete. The multi-time Grammy-nominated rapper from Louisville, Kentucky has topped the US singles chart. You decide if he can therefore allow himself to be compared to one of the greatest rappers of all time. on “They Don’t Like It” from Jackman’s recently released album. Anyway, she says, “Toughest white boy since the one who did the vomit and vest spouts. And hold on to the comments because I honestly promise I’m better. It’s possible that at the next concert in Detroit there will be a few more ‘slaps’. But enough of a beef diagnosis.” : “They Don’t Like It” is a timeless head-banger with a gentle soul sample and a relaxed flow. It might be in the charts – but where? You decide.

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Last Supper “Nothing Matters”

The London musicians of The Last Dinner Party embody a mixture of decadence and mystery, spectacle and glamour, both musically and aesthetically. They move skillfully between the beautiful, the sublime and the grotesque. They draw inspiration from their favorite Gothic novelists as well as their musical heroes Kate Bush, David Bowie and Nick Cave. The Swedish 4-letter band certainly wasn’t a simple inspiration for their first single, “Nothing Matters.” Even if the Twitter community was already trying desperately to deny them the hype, the five artists just won’t let it get them down and are now moving forward in full force. Record companies, agents, publishers, and organizers have already lined up. Being booked as tour support for Florence + The Machine with only one song released isn’t easy to imitate. It can be really big – but only if you vote well 😉