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Who deserves this week's free game?

Who deserves this week's free game?

This week you'll be accompanying the donuts on their way through the factory.
This week you'll be accompanying the donuts on their way through the factory.

We admit it: Not just Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons, however We at GameStar also love eating cake. If there's a box on the kitchen table here in the editorial office, you can be sure its contents won't survive for long. There are a lot of people who love sweets in our team.

If, like us, you've loved cake your whole life, it's worth taking a look at the current free game on the Epic Games Store. Because like every week there's a freebie to be won from a Steam competitor. This time there is a cozy factory puzzle.

This week's free game: Freshly Frosted

Freshly Frosted - Sweet Donut Dream TrailerFreshly Frosted - Sweet Donut Dream Trailer

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Freshly Frosted – Sweet Donut Dream Trailer

Type: Puzzle game | launch: June 2022 | Developer: Guild of Quantum Astrophysicists

The premise of Freshly Frosted is very simple. Imagine a donut factory floating in the clouds. You must manage this factory and make sure that the cakes find their way through the factory from the beginning to the end of the production chain.

But management is probably a big word at this point, because Freshly Frosted is not an economic simulation. Rather, the puzzle is simply about organizing the conveyor belts so that there are no obstacles in the way of the sweet cakes and everyone gets the right toppings. After all, there should be a donut for every taste.

To challenge your desire to improve, Freshly Frosted comes with 144 puzzles. You can place spacers, pushers, and teleporters and choose all kinds of different ingredients and cake shapes. As is typical of the genre, the game is primarily aimed at casual players and those simply looking for a little entertainment while playing.

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Is that all?

In addition to the free game, Epic has another bonus for you: For the free-to-play Rumble Club, the makers of Fortnite are offering you a bundle of 1,000 gold, 200 gems, and an exclusive emote.

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What are the other free games?

For the sake of completeness, we do not want to blind you to the fact that GOG, CD Projekt's game marketplace, is also available. There is a permanent selection of free titles, including the first two parts of The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall and Arena. It's worth checking here regularly, especially for fans of older games.

To free games from Gog

Granted, the big hit won't happen at Epic this week. However, we can't expect to consistently deliver high-quality AAA titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition, as we were just a few weeks ago.

So if there's nothing for you this time, just stop by next week when the next toy giveaway arrives.

What do you think of Epic's current free-to-play game? Is there something for you this week? Did you already know Freshly Frosted? Feel free to write it to us in the comments!