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Football EM: ÖFB team 'ripped'

Football EM: ÖFB team ‘ripped’

According to Sasa Kallajdic, the potential sensation against Italy is “torn” before the eyes of the Austrian Football Association team. Although the decision was right, Arnautovic and his colleagues had major problems dealing with this situation.

Video Assistant Referee technology has been a mood killer since Saturday’s match at London’s Wembley Stadium, as it sometimes makes players and fans wait for minutes to make important decisions. We have discussed a lot about this VAR story. “You can’t be happy anymore, you always have to wait for people to decide something, whether it’s an offside, a goal or a foul,” Arnautovic said.

Great feelings after the unfortunate defeat

Austria hardly missed the sensation. It was an emotional evening for players and fans.

As a result, the feelings rooted in football will be lost, the Chinese Legion member emphasized. “It no longer has anything to do with football, but we have to accept that. For me personally, it is very difficult.” According to Arnautovic, Austria could have been in the quarter-finals if the goal had been awarded in the 65th minute. “I don’t think they would have come back.”


Marko Arnautovic’s right boot made ÖFB 1-0 a wrench in the works

“The emotion after the goal was enormous”

This was also the opinion of Sasa Kalajdic, who was substituted for Arnautovic and made the match exciting again with his goal in the 114th minute. “Actually we would have won if Marko had not been offside with his toe,” said the Stuttgart striker. According to Klidzic, the VAR technology “discussed a potential sensation against the four-time world champion” from the ÖFB team. Infiltration is infiltration, but this is bittersweet. Goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann described the time between the goal and its drag as a “high-speed trajectory of emotions.”

Team leader Franco Foda had a similar experience. “The emotion after the goal was enormous. In this case, I didn’t even think about the fact that there was still a video assistant.” The German was later informed by the fourth official that the goal would be checked – and he had to write down the score a little later that remained from 0-0 . “Then all of a sudden you feel disappointed and sad again,” Fouda said. “Had we taken the initiative, I’m convinced we would have left the match as winners.”

The video referee denied Arnautovic’s goal

Supposedly Marko Arnautovic leads the Austrians to the fore. After a lengthy review by the video referee, the goal was denied due to an offside position.

His team had had poor experiences with VAR in the tournament before that. In the 2–0 draw against the Netherlands, a penalty foul by Alaba was later revealed, which meant “Oranje” had advanced. However, Fouda remains an outspoken supporter of technical assistance. “I am in favor of the VAR because I have always emphasized that there must be justice in football. We hit that day, you have to live with that,” the team boss explained.

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