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Football EM: The ÖFB team goes with their heads held high

Football EM: The ÖFB team goes with their heads held high

But at first, the local “bee” sting at Brentford Community Playground was deep. As in the opening match against England (0-1), Austria sold themselves dearly against the world number five, and this time they also have many good chances with at least one goal. The ball went to aluminum three times, but the Germans had the same bad luck twice. The victory he deserved in the end was also due to the errors of the ÖFB defense.

“It’s bitter at first because we did very well against a completely world-class team. But in the end we made a mistake or another a lot, which such a team takes advantage of coldly,” Foreman analyzed with usual mastery. She emphasized positivity and looked forward. “If we can take the momentum and consistency with us, participating in the world championships for the first time is within reach.”

The best of Germany – Austria

The dream of returning to the semi-finals of the European Football Championship came close for footballers in Austria on Thursday, but it exploded. Team manager Erin Furman’s selection lost 2-0 in the quarter-finals of the 2022 European Championship in Brentford, Germany.

“Now it hurts, looking back we can be proud”

After the final whistle, the Austrians were initially depressed. Tears fell from one or the other, including goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger. But this has nothing to do with her 0:2 mistake for Alexandra Pope before the end. “Tears come because the tournament is over for us. It was an incredibly beautiful time. We have achieved a lot again and hopefully we can make Austria proud,” the 26-year-old explained. “Of course it still hurts now, but looking back We can be proud.”

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It affected Manuela Zinsberger’s departure visibly, and soon afterwards there was pride

Carina Wenninger has had a similar experience. “You’re disappointed, you get a lot of good news, but you can’t really process it yet. The defender said after her 120th international match in which she made a blunder before defeating Lina Magul 1-0. The further away the final whistle goes, the smiles return to the faces. “It gets easier with every minute after the match. We’ve accomplished a lot, said Laura Versinger, who was obviously still remembered on the pitch, it’s been another great journey.

Austria entered the match against the eight-time European champions as an outlier. You didn’t notice it after the first few minutes. The Foreman ladies posed problems to their opponents and were unlucky for the first time that evening when Marina Georgieva headed the ball. The defender, who started from the start for Austrian Football Association captain Victoria Schnaerbeck, who had a knee injury, hit the crossbar. “If we had scored the first goal it would have given us a boost. This is how you chase a German champion,” wrangled Versinger.

Self-criticism when making mistakes

In the 25th minute, Austria fell into the trap of German pressure. He put Bob Zinsberger under pressure, whose shot returned immediately and Weininger allowed Clara Ball to steal the ball. “I take it on my hat. I was surprised that Clara was there so quickly. I should put my body in it better,” Weininger emphasized. “Then it was going fast and it’s hard to defend.”

Fuhrmann had not seen the conceded goal on television before the press conference, but said, “Mistakes happen, but they don’t necessarily lead to goals. We also forced Germany to make mistakes, but we failed to capitalize on them. This is the next step.” Which we have to take.” In that regard, everyone agreed, including Julia Hecksberger Fuller, who initially missed a good opportunity: “We have to be more efficient there.” In a total of three knockout matches. Austria has yet to score a goal in the European Championship.

The aluminum layer prevents compensation

Austria had to recover first from their 1-0 deficit, but got back on track. Especially in the second half, when Barbara Dunst and Sarah Bontigam got two more shots in the space of five minutes. “We had no luck on our side,” said Dunst, who hit the crossbar twice at this tournament. “I don’t know what bad luck I had, I didn’t want to be. I think I should train more there.” On the other hand, Germany hit the aluminum twice.

The Germans, who could have closed the sack a little earlier thanks to the powerful Bühl, punished another mistake at the last minute. Zinsberger shot Popp, the ball went straight into the goal for the final score. “It wasn’t done right from a technical point of view, of course I will take responsibility for the goal,” said Zinsberger, who kept the Austrian Football Association team in the match. But Germany was a little better that evening. “We went to the limit, we played well, but we have to correct one mistake or another,” Weininger explained afterwards.

More positive development

In the end, Austria ended up in the top eight in Europe when it competed in the European Championships for the second time. In 2017, an exciting progression to the semi-finals was made at the premiere, and now the further development of the game is especially positive. “We didn’t hide, we played boldly, we looked for flat solutions, we also integrated the high ball, just to be more flexible, to be more difficult,” Zinsberger emphasized.

Fuhrmann agreed: “We played a completely different kind of football, so obviously mistakes still happen. We played an incredible European Championship against such strong opponents and confirmed these performances over and over again. Germany would see it that way, they had to do their best. their best to defeat us.” Great compliment to Austria. The match could end 6:3, everything that was required of us.”

This team is ready for the World Cup.

First of all, it was now necessary to absorb the disappointment about the elimination, and soon the players fought back. “It’s fitting, it hurts, but we’ll be back,” Zinsberger promised. “We will not let it discourage us, we will take the positive out of it and gather new strength. Draw the right conclusions even from the negative. Then there is a full onslaught again.”

The next goal is clear, having qualified for the World Cup for the first time and I want him to be in the finals. “This team is definitely ready for the World Cup,” Dunst stressed, but also mentioned that we still have a long and difficult road ahead. The 2023 World Cup play-off in Australia and New Zealand revolves around multiple stages. In addition, after the success of the second consecutive European Championship, Austria is no longer underestimated, Zinsberger emphasized. “If anyone else is underestimating us now, I don’t know anymore.”

Women’s Euro 2022 Quarter Final Rounds


Germany-Austria 2:0 (1:0)

London, Brentford Community Stadium, 16025 spectators, SR Welch (England)

target sequence:
1-0 Majul (25 minutes)
2: 0 bob (90)

Germany: Frohms – Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch (95 / Kleinherne) – Däbritz (64 / Lattwein), Magull (64th / Dallmann), Oberdorf – Huth (95 / Lohmann), Popp, Bühl (83 / Brand)

Austria: Zinsberger – Wienroither, Wenninger, Georgieva, Hanshaw – Puntigam (81 / Höbinger) – Hickelsberger-Füller (72nd / Naschenweng), Zadrazil, Feiersinger, Dunst – Billa (86 / Makas)

Yellow cards: Däbritz or Hanshaw, Dunst, Naschenweng