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For cat lovers: Benedict Cumberbatch as an artist – dpa

DrThe nice thing about some of the movie characters is that they can surprise you. the actor Benedict Cumberbatch (“Sherlock”) plays such a character in “The Wondrous World of Louis Wain.”

The drama tells the story of the life of an extraordinary artist from Great Britain. Louis Wayne has been famous for his cat paintings for more than a century. The illustrator drew funny kittens, colorful kittens, and kittens that looked a little crazy.

So his art may have pioneered what you see now all the time on the internet – as cat content. Video channels and other platforms can spend hours searching for cute cat shots. The film tells us that the images of the animals were somewhat unusual.

multi-faceted personality

Director Will Sharp tells a fairy tale a bit like a vintage poetry album. Louis Wayne was fascinated by electricity – he works on several patents, but makes his money from illustrations. He paints with his hands at the same time, writes illogical operas on the side, suffers from nightmares and loves boxing matches.

When he returned from the agricultural show on the train in 1881, another passenger asked him: “You’re full of mud. Did you fight?” – «Uh no. A 1.5-ton bull attacked me,” Wayne says while holding a drawing of the animal.