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USA: Donald Trump calls the Biden administration a “total disaster.”

Neighboring countries The former president reappears

“I love Donald Trump, the best president in America.”

Former US President Donald Trump speaks in Wellington, Ohio

Former US President Donald Trump speaks in Wellington, Ohio


Donald Trump is holding big rallies again; The first appearance in Ohio should be the starting signal for the entire series. Conspiracy theories continue to spread among audiences – and the hope that the former president will run again in 2024.

D.Former US President Donald Trump staged a large rally for the first time in five months after his term ended. Republicans chanted “Safe America!” In Wellington, Ohio on Saturday evening. – “Save America!” – appeared in front of thousands of supporters.

Speaking to cheering supporters, Trump said Republicans will defeat the “radical Democrats” in the 2022 congressional election and win a majority in the House and Senate. Then the White House should be recaptured in 2024. The former president described the government of his successor, Joe Biden, as a “total disaster.”

Trump flirted several times with the updated presidential candidate in 2024 – but so far no hints. Jan.

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In Wellington, near Cleveland, Trump stood behind his former adviser Max Miller, who challenged Anthony Gonzalez in the Republican primary for the 2022 congressional election in the Ohio constituency. Gonzalez was one of ten Conservative MPs who voted against Trump after the Capitol attack.

Trump stepped down as president on January 20 after Biden lost the election. The 75-year-old has yet to admit his electoral defeat and continues to spread widely denied election fraud allegations.

The former president, who has been banned from online sites since the Capitol attack, has delivered two keynote speeches since the end of his term at the CBAC Conservative conference in Orlando, Florida, and at a Republican meeting in North Carolina in February. In early June.

Trump candidacy in 2024? – “I hope he wins”

Now, for the first time, he has staged a big rally like the 2016 and 2020 election campaigns. Should be the beginning of a whole series of events like this. Next Wednesday, Trump will visit the Mexican border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. A tough course in immigration policy is one of the hallmarks of Trump’s presidency, and one of his best agenda plans is to build a border wall with Mexico, which Biden stopped.

Trump still has a great reputation among conservative sites. “I love Donald Trump, the best president in the United States,” 57-year-old Laura Benaz told a rally in Wellington on Saturday. He believed Trump had won the November 3 election and had been ousted for a second time by massive electoral fraud.

“Corruption is so deeply ingrained in the US government that a politician (Trump) really has no chance,” Benaz said. He hopes Trump will run again in 2024. Trump supporter Philip Messi has said that the former president is the best candidate for 2024. “I hope he wins.”

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