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'Forgive Hitler Today': Kanye West calls on Jews to 'abandon them'

‘Forgive Hitler Today’: Kanye West calls on Jews to ‘abandon them’

“Forgive Hitler today”
Kanye West calls on Jews to “give them up”.

Kanye West has been on a downward spiral for quite some time. The bipolar American rapper has repeatedly drawn criticism with right-wing and anti-Semitic conspiracy myths. In an interview with two well-known right-wing extremists, the 45-year-old got even better.

Even a week ago, Kanye West caused a stir in an interview with right-wing conspiracy ideologist Alex Jones by praising Adolf Hitler. Now the American rapper is talking with Gavin McInnes, founder of the far-right resistance group Proud Boys, anti-Semite and well-known Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. He demands that the Jewish people “forgive” Hitler today.

In the 45-minute clip, available on the alt-right video platform Censored.TV and quoted by various US media outlets, West’s face is covered with a black mask. Among other things, the 45-year-old boasts that the reactions to his previous interview were “great for a presidential campaign.” As in the last election campaign in the United States, the bipolar rapper wants to run for election in 2024. During his tenure, Rolling Stone says, “the country’s laws will be based on the Bible.” “We will reconcile the constitution with the Bible.”

“Let’s go. Good night.”

He then blamed the Jews for Hitler’s “reputation” and compared abortions to “genocide”. He also repeats his claim that “the Jewish people control the majority of the media, along with the banks, along with the real estate, along with the shopping malls.” “You control the narrative,” he adds. “History is made by the winners.” In an excerpt from the interview, which can be seen on RedditWest said, “Jews can’t tell me who I can and cannot love. You can’t force your pain on anyone else. Jewish people: Forgive Hitler today. Let it go. Good night.”

Because of West’s anti-Semitic comments, many companies, including Adidas, have already told Gap that they “love” Hitler and the Nazis. “This man (…) invented highways and the microphone that I used as a musician,” he explained. “You can’t say out loud that this person has ever done a good thing, and I don’t take it anymore.” Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband caused a stir before with a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt.

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