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20 Year Mod Tamriel Rebuilt gets a big update

20 Year Mod Tamriel Rebuilt gets a big update

From Jonathan Harsh
With the “Tamriel Rebuilt” mod, which has been in development for 20 years, the role-playing game world will be gradually expanded. The new update now adds two more regions.

For many fans, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is still the best game in the series, even if successors Oblivion and Skyrim manage to reach a much wider audience. The immensity is also the appeal of the role-playing game since 2002. The title is now twenty years old, and part of the community has been working on the “Tamriel Rebuilt” model for a long time, the goal of which is to conquer the mainland region of Morrowind to the title, which in its vanilla form is located Only on the big island of Vvardenfell.

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These are the new domains for TES: Morrowind

Starting this week, two new regions are available for Tamriel Rebuilt: Dominions of Dust and Embers of Empire. The update can be found on the official website edit page It can be downloaded. Game areas and their contents are briefly presented:

Dust rule: A contested wasteland with many rocks and narrow canyons. To the west, on the border with Cyrodiil, rise the snow-capped peaks of the Velothi Mountains, where the Dwemer once ruled. Only the toughest now venture into hidden valleys. Finally, to the south lies implacable Armon Ashland, land still devastated by the Red Mountain eruption.

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This content fetches dust domains:

  • 314 new lots
  • Over 120 new quests, including two different quest lines for the Temple of the Court, quest lines for House Hlaalu, Morag Tong, Imperial Legion, Fighter and Mage Guilds, as well as countless different adventures
  • Andothrin city, one of the most important commercial ports in Dunmer
  • Two new Ashlander clans, completing their own missions
  • New vampire clan to join – the Orlochs
  • Around 415 new, highly detailed interiors – buildings, ruins, caves – filled with NPCs or enemies

embers of empire: A re-imagining of the imperial settlements on the Tilvany Peninsula. The residents of Firewatch, Telvanni’s paranoid imperial capital, hold true to their loyalty to the Emperor even as the Septim Empire itself is on the brink.

This content offers Embers of Empire:

  • A complete revamp and expansion for Firewatch
  • Complete rebuild and re-imagining of the imperial trading city of Hellenim
  • Althoa Island, including the Telvanni Tower addition and the Nivalis Imperial Navy outpost
  • Reconstruction of the western Tilvani wilderness areas now referred to as the Dagon Orol District
  • Overhaul of all missions in the affected areas and the addition of dozens of new missions, for a total of about 80 missions
  • A complete makeover of almost all existing interiors and the addition of dozens of new ones

Skywind: Developer Morrowind Remake’s fourth video

In line with this theme:

In addition to the new content, there are also a number of bug fixes. Meanwhile, the modernist’s work is far from over. Only about half of the mainland map is accessible with the new update. So there is still a lot to do, even if the mod already offers as many missions and content as the main game including DLCs. It is followed by the Thirr Valley, Sundered Scar, and Shipal-Shin regions.

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