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Fortnite: Escape the Dangerous Island: New LTM Launch!

Fortnite: Escape the Dangerous Island: New LTM Launch!

In long-term Fortnite, you can look forward to a new game mode that’s only available for a limited time. The goal is to escape from the dangerous island in an impossible escape.

In the new mode, you’ll stay with 15 other players on the island and get stranded there. Going forward, you have to prove that you can escape the island, while fighting both PvE and PvP variants and corresponding opponents.

The goal in “The Impossible Escape” is to achieve freedom by escaping with one of three pieces. However, these are not ready to use but still need repair which is why you first need to find four specific spare parts. These can be anywhere on the island, but there are all sorts of dangers in the form of wild animals and dangerous sentinels.

Once the choppa is fixed, the player who acts as a pilot has to fly it to the vanishing point before it runs out of fuel. Any player on a helicopter that reaches this vanishing point wins the game. Teamwork is required for the mission to succeed; To do this, you can optionally team up with them for every player’s encounter. A team can consist of a maximum of four players.

As mentioned earlier, the PvE version can be wagered as well as the PvP version of the game mode. In the latter, you will fight with other players in very difficult conditions, in PvE mode only against other threats on the island. Special feature: In PvP mode, there is only one Choppa to get.

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Those who have successfully escaped the island in LTM receive the “Seemingly Impossible” loading screen as a reward in PvE mode and the escape screen in PvP mode. Mode is available until May 25 at 3:00 PM.

Fortnite – The Impossible Escape LTM Trailer

With “The Impossible Escape”, you can look forward to a new LTM in Fortnite.