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France – New protests against pension reform

France – New protests against pension reform

In the row over the French government’s plans to reform the pension system, trade unions once again mobilized protests on Saturday. There were larger rallies in cities like Paris, Nice and Toulouse. The authorities are reportedly expecting up to one million participants nationwide. Strikes again led to cancellations and disruptions to air and train services.

The centrist government of President Emmanuel Macron wants to gradually raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. In addition, the number of years of payment required to obtain a full pension should increase more rapidly.

The retirement age is currently 62 years old. In fact, retirement starts later on average: those who haven’t paid wages long enough to be entitled to a full pension for longer. At 67, there’s a no-deduction pension, no matter how long it’s been paid for – the government wants to keep that. You want to raise the minimum monthly pension to around 1,200 euros.

The deadline ends Monday evening

The project is currently under discussion in the Senate. The deadline for consultations there ends on Monday night. Next week, a committee of both houses of parliament – the National Assembly and the Senate – will work on a compromise.

The unions recently asked to speak to President Macron about the reform project. On Saturday, union representatives put forward a referendum. “If he’s sure, the president should ask the residents,” said Felipe Martinez of the CGT union. In opinion polls, a large majority has repeatedly spoken out against reform. (apa, dpa)