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The Greek Finance Minister is being beaten by masked men

The Greek Finance Minister is being beaten by masked men

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was attacked and injured by masked men in Athens on Friday night.

Several Greek media reported on Saturday that a group of about 20 people found the left-wing opposition politician in a restaurant. First, the 61-year-old was insulted by the street.

Nose fracture

Varoufakis then went to the door, where he was attacked by several masked men, who threw him to the ground, kicking him, and hitting him in the face.

The former minister suffered a broken nose and was treated in hospital.

Varoufakis himself thanked Twitter for the solidarity he received after the attack. He also denied reports that the attackers were autonomists, anarchists or leftists.

Instead, it was paid thugs who accused him of selling out Greece during the 2015 debt crisis during his tenure as finance minister.

His party, Mira 25, described the attack as “fascist”. The economist is a member of parliament today.

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