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Tarot Online gratis: DIESES Sternzeichen strotzt vor Selbstvertrauen

Free Tarot Online: This zodiac sign bursts with confidence

The Tarot cards of the Major Arcana have been used as an oracle since the 17th century and are an effective aid to support and reinforce the meaning of the constellations. All Star sign A card is assigned every day according to the characteristics of the twelfth day Zodiac signs Explained. Know yourself in your horoscope and your tarot card.

Wider (21.03. – 20.04.)

Tarot Card: Ruler

© Andreas Roth

Today it can make a quick-tempered pregnancy really angry. His tarot card “ruler” requires more order and discipline from him in order for him to successfully carry out his goals in the long run. This zodiac sign is not totally elegant and does not appreciate her if you criticize her for her sake. Hence, the mood of a fiery Aries may not be the best. But it is not without a good reason for the universe to raise its warning finger. If Aries wants to achieve something, then he has to gather himself more and not show the nostrils immediately.

Steer (21.04. – 20.05.)

Tarot Card: There it is

Tarot Card 5-The-Hierophantine

© Andreas Roth

A friendly Taurus can look forward to supporting the universe today. The tarot card “The Hierophant” informs him that he is now under very special protection. This zodiac sign can confidently present his plans, because the Hierophant is a good advisor to him. As long as a calm Taurus stays on the path of truth, nothing can get worse. But he should completely avoid contact with people who want to manipulate him in their favor through flattery and hypocrisy.

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Twin (05/21 – 06/21)

Tarot Card: The Sun

Tarot card 19 Sun

© Andreas Roth

Live twins are nothing but sunshine today. Your tarot card “The Sun” gives you warmth, vitality and self-confidence in life. This zodiac sign should now come out of herself and flaunt her bright side and talents. The days of hedging and recovery are over twins They are allowed to release the famous bunmut again. What a relief for these chattering boxes – and everything is under the protection of the universe. So if this is nothing.

Krebs (22.06. – 22.07.)

Tarot Card: Temperature

Tarot Cards - 14 - Lightness

© Andreas Roth

The delicate cancer, on the other hand, should recede a little. The tarot card “Temperature” reminds him to use all measures and not to lean too much outside the window without thinking too much. Otherwise, it may lead to an inconsistent climate in your professional or private life. This zodiac sign will be the same as the victim and usually Cancer – bombarded with accusations. With this knowledge in store, everything should go very well for the cute Cancer, because he knows how to spread harmony.

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