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Harry and Meghan's story?  Application criticism of Kim Kardashian

Harry and Meghan’s story? Application criticism of Kim Kardashian

After the criticism leveled at Megxit and the relationship between Harry and Meghan and the British royal family wanted to self-enrichment, the content has now been removed. The “Daily Mirror” newspaper reported. The developer, Glu Mobile, confirmed a similar move to the popular newspaper.

Kardashian has reportedly deleted the content itself

A lot of comments have been received about the current story, which focuses on two characters called Prince Aston and Princess Bianca. It is clear that the story has “crossed the mark” and they want to “sincerely apologize.” The developer did not want to negatively address one person or group with the content. According to the “Daily Mail” site, an insider close to Kardashian revealed that the businessman previously did not know anything about the new story but rather arranged a personal order to remove it.

According to reports, Prince Aston and Princess Bianca – just like Megan and Harry – are said to have planned in history to leave their lives as members of the royal family. Apparently, the characters even gave an interview that was said to be similar to the Sussex family’s interview with American talk show host Oprah Winfrey (67) from March. So Aston announced in the match that he had done everything in his power to welcome Bianca into the royal family. “Unfortunately, I cannot say this about everyone in the family,” said the princess.

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