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Free update brings co-op and endless mode to the game

Free update brings co-op and endless mode to the game

As part of State of Play, Housemarque developers have new content to return (far 54.95€ in to buy) announced. On March 22, 2022 Ascension will be a new update to the shooter game that will add two new game modes. This includes a co-op mode that will allow two people to play the entire campaign in the future. You can request reinforcements through the Chronosis portal or, for example, join a friend’s game.
It is important to know that only the co-op tour host will benefit from the progression. However, if you join another player’s tournament, your login entries and xenoglyphs will still be saved for your save. Another benefit of co-op mode is the ability to revive the other participant.

Also included in the update was the Sisybes Tower. This is a new endless mode where you can test your skills in Returnal. Many enemies await you in the increasingly difficult floors of the tower. You can then see how good you are in the leaderboard. Housemarque has also packed some new story content into the endless mode. Returns are available in stores exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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