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Frequency - American rapper J Easy starts Triple A . Finals

Frequency – American rapper J Easy starts Triple A . Finals

With virtually no storms and mild temperatures, the three-stage musicians on Day Two of the Frequency Festival once again had the only say – and for the sporty-minded visitors, there’s still a chance for a techno-yoga round before 6pm. as a small light. The rooms in front of the stage were quite full at this time, and American rapper J Easy proved to be the first to attract audiences on the main stage.

However, at the Space Stage, things started with blanks from 3pm, along with the 25-year-old Dutch YouTube popper, Dilla from Berlin followed as the opener on the Green Stage, while the Red Bull Stage was played indoors by gum. In this third chapter, the Nova Twins of London, see and hear the first highlight of the day. Guitarist, vocalist, and bassist Amy Love, Georgia South, has really heated things up, although the Austrian debut was initially held up by backlash. However, this only affected the guitar and after the drummer supported the duo, South paired technical emergency measures with their booming stringed instrument. Then the Nova Twins introduced rap and rock with a punk twist in a form that The Guardian described as “an amazing explosion of distorted pop noise.” With their second album, “Supernova,” the two are doing well, being nominated for a Mercury Award and getting good reviews from the music press. There was nothing wrong with the live performance either – one of the two big stages might have been the setting for the Twins.

In the Space Stage, the warm-up stage also ended, and American rapper G-Eazy was responsible for this. Unlike his predecessors, the Californian finally managed to properly fill the space in front of the stage, but the main works of the day were to follow in the form of Triple A. The first of the three finalists on Friday is Ann Marie, the British pop singer who caused quite a stir with the negative version of Stevie Wonder’s world hit “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” followed by German rock singer AnnenMayKantereit Ehe Apache207. Biggest Act of the Day: Two years ago, the two-meter German rapper set a live broadcast record in his home country with his song “Roller” and will perform the finale on Space Stage today. As in 2018, Vienna’s Left Boy will be on the smaller green stage, before the Byzantine duo Vini Vici invites you to dance there at the end.

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