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Moretti and "Sounds of Wood" inspired by Mozart's house

Moretti and “Sounds of Wood” inspired by Mozart’s house

Tobias Moretti and the “Sounds of Wood” band announced a concert in the hall on Friday evening at the Salzburg Festival. Ultimately, Haus für Mozart was more than a chamber play containing texts relating to Shakespeare and the music of Henri Brussel and his contemporaries.

The faint announcement of Intendant Markus Hinterhäuser’s introduction barely faded from the speakers when a door on the ground floor opened loudly. Who dared to disturb the silence of the honorable banquet hall in such a cruel manner? The artist himself, brimming with a stuffed dog and wig, Tobias Moretti staggered loudly, reciting Shakespeare’s “Whatever You Want” toward the stage, as “wood sounds” formed and played around the harp. Most people probably imagined something different when they thought of a concert.

This somewhat unconventional music program was designed by Julia, Tobias Moretti and Florian Hasenberger. In it, they intertwined Shakespeare’s texts with the music of Henry Purcell and other associated composers and poets. Even before the pandemic, they were successfully touring with the program. So far in Salzburg.

as you like. From comedian to contemplative, there was something to suit every mood and in Tobias Moretti’s text lectures, there was always a bit of “every man,” which was in Salzburg from 2017 to 2020. He probably drank in between every man’s outburst, for example. In “Der Geist Ariel” by Rilke, and a more festive recitation. The Wood Sounds were under control for the gas and brakes as well. It was especially clear to hear Purcell’s compositions: here the professionals of the era work on warm and velvety original instruments. However, the group wasn’t above a joke, letting themselves dress in Moretti’s struts, contributing special effects like the Bird Song Concert, and even including the actor as a string instrument for a short while.

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Exactly such details – Moretti’s “one-note” playing from Purcell’s “Fantasia on One Note” – demonstrated the intelligence and dedication of this fun musical evening. In the end, the artists justified the success of their show with the appearance of a comic from Cole Porter “Kiss me Kate”: “Look for it in Shakespeare. There is something in it. If you bring Shakespeare, the ladies will be there.” And not just them. The whole house applauded for Mozart and cheered loudly for this special kind of concert.