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From America to Franconia: Puma restructures its global marketing

From America to Franconia: Puma restructures its global marketing

– Puma’s CEO Arne Freundt said there is still a lot of potential. Marketing will be restructured in the future. A decision to vacate a high office.

Sportswear maker Puma is revamping its marketing. In the future, the global organization of all marketing activities will be at the company’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach “to enable better coordination and faster decision-making,” according to a company press release.

For this reason, the relevant departments will be transferred from Boston to Franconia effective July 1. However, at the same time, the marketing organization in North America is to be further strengthened by being responsible for US sports marketing and US product collaborations. With this, Puma wants to expand its presence in America.

New brand boss

“The Puma brand is at the heart of our success,” says CEO Arne Freundt. “However, our analysis shows that we still have a lot of potential.” As part of the restructuring, previous brand boss Adam Petrick will leave. Richard, who has worked with Puma for 13 years, will take over from Daisier.

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