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BASKETBALL: Women’s star Leonie Feibich plays without USA for European championships

BASKETBALL: Women’s star Leonie Feibich plays without USA for European championships

Status: 06/14/2023 04:52 am

For many years, Germany’s women’s basketball players did not participate in the European Championship. Germany has now qualified. And the star of the team can’t wait for the match to start.

Leonie Feibich has also been exempted from traveling to the United States to participate in the European Basketball Championships in Slovenia. “Playing in the national team is very important for me. I have been in the senior team for five years now and since then we have been working very hard to qualify,” Fiebach, 23, was previously quoted as saying by the German press agency. The EM starts this Thursday in Slovenia.

“That moment in Bosnia, when we finally qualified, it was a goosebumps moment, I felt like I was playing a good match with the girls,” Feibich said. “That’s why I decided against the USA this summer and for the European Championship.”

Qualified for the first time in twelve years

Feibich is currently under contract with Zaragoza in Spain. There he won the trophy last season and was named the league’s most valuable player. Her rights in the American WNBA are owned by the New York Liberty. “I’m in touch with New York. I think I’ll go there next summer,” Feibich said. But now the focus is on the European Championship: “We want to go in the opening round,” said Fiebich.

German basketball players have qualified for the European Championship for the first time in twelve years. The match against defending champions France begins on Thursday. Other preliminary round contenders are Slovenia and Great Britain. To reach the intermediate round with a knockout game to enter the quarterfinals, Feibich and co. Must finish at least third.

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