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From business expansion to entrepreneurial life

From business expansion to entrepreneurial life

Helmut Wallmann, CEO of software manufacturer Fabasoft, is implementing the European model of cross-border cooperation in the software sector on a regional basis. To this end, it has developed its own document-intensive business process ecosystem.

Startups have plans and visions, and they are committed, but they usually don’t have a workable organizational structure. Your rating is based less on mature products, tangible sales figures and stable customer relationships and more on faith in the future. On the other hand, the so-called range expansion operations have already convinced the reference customers with marketable products of tangible utility. But the road from initiation to expansion is long.

According to Vapasoft President Helmut Wallmann, what is needed for the critical growth step is the desire for “real entrepreneurship” and support in the form of “smart money”, which is more than just a financial investment. In an interview, he explains the business ecosystem of Fabasoft, through which entrepreneurs who want to grow can take up the success of their business in the field of entrepreneurship together with Fabasoft.

#NEXTLEVEL initiative

The #nextlevel initiative targets entrepreneurs who want to take their next growth step with Fabasoft.

The listed software company offers young digital forgeries a strategic partnership. Entrepreneurs benefit from best practices, training, and access to new marketing and sales channels, among other things.

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The article is based on a media collaboration with “Presse” and was created with the financial support of Fabasoft AG.