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instantly recognizable?  Rosenheim Cops is filming at a popular cruise restaurant

instantly recognizable? Rosenheim Cops is filming at a popular cruise restaurant

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from: Armin T Linder

Actor Herbert Schaeffer posted these photos from Rosenheim’s shoot of cops. © Herbert Schaeffer / Instagram

The Rosenheim Cops actor posted photos from the photo shoot. It seems that the ZDF chain chose a famous cruise restaurant as a background.

Feldkirchen-Westerham – “Work where others go on vacation”: An actor recently added this sentence to his Instagram post about an operation for the Rosenheim police. And when people aren’t on vacation there, they at least stop by to stop while hiking. Or just take a trip there. Well, confess? Click (or swipe on your smartphone) across the images:

Rosenheim Cops: Actor Herbert Schaeffer posts pics from the shoot

Let’s start with the actor: it’s Herbert Schaeffer (54), who has been with the Rosenheim Police in ring roles several times. And since nothing is known about the new lead actor, that’s likely to be the case this time around, too. After all, the 23rd season of Rosenheim Police is currently being shot. It needed two new lead actresses, and of course, countless guest actors.

“Some impressions from shooting Rosenheim Cops,” Schäfer now writes, “Greetings from Bavaria.” The pictures show beer garden tables and chairs, a dining room, a police car as props, and above all a great view. In addition, cake and tart plate, fronted by Herbert Schaefer. Which restaurant picnic was filmed at?

Rosenheim-Cops-Shooting at “Zur Schönen Aussicht” near Feldkirchen-Westerham

Schaefer immediately provides the answer – because he marked the place. Gasthof-Hotel “Zur Schönen Aussicht” is located in the small village of Kleinhöhenrain, which belongs to Feldkirchen-Westerham, between Munich and Rosenheim. According to the website, an inn has been in operation here since 1732—and not every inn can proudly boast a tradition that stretches back nearly 300 years. How popular the restaurant is can also be seen by Google ratings: there are more than 800, most of them positive, although there are a few negative ones (eg, “too many guests, too few waitresses”), not only in last few months.

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Rosenheim Cops actor Schäfer seems to have liked it anyway. What role do you think he played in the series? Is he a suspect? killer? Or a corpse? These will be the three regular guest posts of the Rosenheim Police. The answer will be available in the fall, when the new episodes air. By the way, there is already a photo of the new detective duet. (flexible)