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From December for 99??: Xbox Series X "Mini Fridge" really starts

From December for 99??: Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge” really starts

The network had mocked the design of the new generation of Xbox, and Microsoft was mocking jokes about the “console refrigerator.” subordinate Xbox Xbox X The Mini Fridge has become a reality and will soon be available in stores.

Microsoft is turning a meme about a console fridge into a mini fridge

It’s a joke that’s been going around since the launch of the Xbox Series X, but now it’s getting really serious. Users have compared the new console to a refrigerator because of its somewhat boxy exterior, and Microsoft had just caught this joke a year ago with World premiere From a real “Xbox Series X Fridge”. But the joke is clearly not over for Microsoft with its hilarious promotion. At this year’s E3, the Xbox Series X format mini fridge was announced, and now it’s finally official.

As Microsoft said in a press release today to explain, they teamed up with contract manufacturer Ukonic to produce the Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge”. The result: a replica of the console with the corresponding LEDs and a distinctive hole-punch structure on top. The matte black mini tower should save space for up to 12 cans, and snacks can also be placed in two shelves in the door. There is also a USB port on the front for charging devices.

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The Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler, the product’s official name, will go on sale from October 19, and should be available at multiple retailers in December. For Germany, they are working with Game Stop EU as a sales partner. The value of the earned Xbox meme must be €99.

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