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From man to woman and back

From man to woman and back

“Tootsie” is the story of an actor who gets a role because he pretends to be a woman and becomes successful. In 1982, the story was released in cinemas as a Hollywood film starring Dustin Hoffman in the lead roles of Michael and Dorothy, and the musical version of the material is “relatively new”, according to dramaturg Arne Becker, which premiered in Austria on 9 December. At the Linz Music Theater celebrates. “It’s a comedy with a little depth,” Baker explains with a smile.

“Tootsie” is directed by Ulrich Wegers, who presents his second work in Linz after “Catch Me If You Can”. The German director also emphasizes wordplay in the play texts by Robert Horn and David Yazbeck, who brings him to the stage in a huge makeup box (Leif-Erich Heine). Bruckner’s orchestra, made up of 30 men and women, acts as a big band for all to see, with Joohyun Han on stage.

In addition to Wegers, Franz Blumauer (costume) is also full of praise for lead actor Gernot Romick, who has to change from man to woman and back again in just a few moments – not only visually, but also vocally. The main focus is on Romik’s acting skills and to a lesser extent on the makeup.

“Our big goal is not to bring a drag queen to the stage, but to make Gernot really come out as a woman,” Wegers says. The controversial fact that Michael, as Dorothy, takes work from the actress is also discussed in the play, says Wiggers. The musical, based on a 1970s sitcom, also uses one or two clichés. Michael’s transformation into Dorothy brings out “feminine” qualities and therefore good qualities such as empathy, diplomacy, and understanding. “Women make Michael a better man,” Wegers says.

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In addition to Romick, Sunny Milo (as Dorothy’s friend and Michael’s crush Julie), Carsten Kinzel, Selena dos Santos and Enrico Trios also sing and dance, and Katie Heidbrecht takes charge of the choreography for the first time in Linz.