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From structural engineer to wood artist – Oberwart

From structural engineer to wood artist – Oberwart

Rechnitz: Until recently, Ralph Dolmann worked as a construction engineer for a well-known company in Vienna. By chance, the southern Burgenlander discovered his passion for woodworking in 2020. In order to deepen his passion, Rechnitzer changed jobs.

It all started in 2020 during the Covid lockdown. “I accidentally discovered an old tree stump in our garden. I immediately said to myself, It’s too bad to throw it away, you can make something out of it,” says Dolman.
No sooner had he spoken than the 23-year-old grabbed a saw and some old tools from his grandfather’s workshop and fashioned his first wooden figure – an eagle carved from one piece. “It worked out better than I first thought, and from that day on I got excited about working with wood.” Meanwhile, the 26-year-old has been sculpting, sculpting, and designing countless small and large works of art, from a wooden mailbox, to various decorative items, to tiny key rings.

Hansi Jed Workshop

In order to be able to work on artwork regardless of the weather, Ralph Dolman moved his windmill workplace from the garden to his grandfather’s workshop. I am so grateful for my family’s support. Above all, this would not have been possible without the help of Hansi-grandfather, who kindly made available his entire workshop and all his equipment,” Dolman smiled.

From hobby to job

Eventually, Ralph Dolman turned his passion for the craft into his profession.
“I have been working for a company in Bad Erlach since the end of 2022 that specializes in yacht interiors. In my new job, I now plan and make furniture from a variety of materials, including wood.”

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