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From swing to ball - Feldkirch

From swing to ball – Feldkirch

Benjamin Engley’s piano class introduced himself at Montforthaus.
© Henning Hellmann

Exciting concert at noon for Benjamin Ingli’s piano class at Montforthaus

Feldkirch With a demanding program ranging from fairy tale wit to furious drama Benjamin Inglis A piano from the Vorarlberg State Conservatory lined the audience at the last concert at noon in the Montforthaus.

With Opus 12 from Fantasy Pieces by Robert Schumann Lawrence Temerer Noon party. The following piano sonata by Estonian composer Erkki Sven Tor, played by Isabella Cania, ends with spherical sounds. Pitch the next jump in time for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s exhilarating sonata in the G major (KV 283). Nikolaj Krajnik Very lively. Valeria Perez Arabesque No. 1 by Claude Debussy sounded like a lunchtime dream in the crowded foyer.

The performance of two young pianists was followed by suspense. Guilin Bowen And the Anna Guigel, both 14, showed with “Sturm” Sonata Ludwig van Beethoven and Romanian folk dances Bela Bartok, what talent they really possess. With “Jeux d’Eau”, Maurice Ravel’s water games continued Emile Latranscer Continue performance. The program culminated in the Fourth Piano Sonata by Sergei Sergeevich Prokofiev, Alessandro Campomenosi Very actively organized.

Thanks to the collaboration between Montforthaus and the State Conservatory, a free “lunch party” is held at Montforthaus, where students from the State Conservatory show their musical talents at lunchtime. next one Meeting Already confirmed: On Tuesday June 21 12:15 pm The vocal classes of Dora Kutschi and Benjamin Lack present their singing talent. he is

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