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Fronius puts a lot of emphasis on the staff

Fronius puts a lot of emphasis on the staff

catfish. Fronius deliberately took close-ups of their current campaign. In the second step, these images will be displayed in an exhibition entitled “We are Fronius”.

From November 3 to 20, the Holon.Art Gallery at Stadtplatz / Polizeipassage offers accommodations for portraits, collages, large-format photographs as well as projections. (Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday: 3pm to 7pm; Sunday: 10am to 1.30pm). Nicola Graf, Head of Corporate Communications at Fronius: “About six months ago we started the race with 120 different themes. Today we can count on more than twice as many images. We have photographed people from a variety of work areas and now also have colleagues from our affiliates in front of lens. So the campaign will be launching soon in other countries, which makes me and my team especially happy. More show stations are also planned.” The exhibition displays an interdisciplinary cross-section. “Faces from all over the world, faces of all ages, faces from production, development and sales: this diversity is what Fronius lives internally and is now artistically expressed on the outside,” says the company.

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