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Stefan Raab's comeback video was filmed in Austria

Stefan Raab's comeback video was filmed in Austria

About four weeks ago, people were amazed by the Fernsteinsee Hotel on the Fernpass. “We were told there was a filming going on with a TV star who had been out of the limelight for a long time,” recalls Marion Singer van Rens, management assistant at the now-closed Schloss Fernsteinsee hotel.

Nothing more was known. The German team of about 15 people photographed the entrance to the dive hotel, on the water and on the island, away from curious observers. “Tyrolean daily newspaper”. It has now been revealed that he is German celebrity Stefan Raab (57 years old). He created an Instagram video with his former intern Elton, 53, which was initially disguised as an April Fool's joke, but was actually not a prank.

The video, which was produced in Tyrol, was used to announce Raab's return after a ten-year media hiatus. He will compete against former professional boxer Regina Halmich (47 years old) on September 14. He has already lost to her in two exhibition matches in 2001 and 2007.

Halmich confirmed the plans. “After long and careful consideration, I decided to do it again.” Pre-sales of tickets have begun at the Düsseldorf event hall “PSD Bank Dome”. Raab will also be welcome in Fernstensi. “We would be happy if he came for coffee when we are open,” says Singer van Rens.

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