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Fuel saving tips from the experts

Fuel saving tips from the experts

A liter of diesel or gasoline for more than 2 euros – it’s not only the high temperatures that make some customers sweat at the pump. These are tough times for drivers. But with simple tips and tricks, you can still save money and use fuel more efficiently. Expert says: You can save even before you get in the car.

So you can check before driving if there is unnecessary weight in the car. Designers are trying to make the car as light as possible – if you have unnecessary things in the car, this will also overload the engine and increase fuel consumption.


Before driving, you must remove unnecessary weight from the vehicle

Drive at low speed

There is also the possibility of savings with the functions in the car. “In the summer you have to think about whether it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner. Another consumer in the car is, for example, seat heating, which is necessary in winter. How warm should it really be? Do you need it at all, or not You can do without seat heating in the winter. All this saves fuel,” explained Faraz.

When driving, the recommendation is to avoid a fast orgy—that is, you shouldn’t rev the engine, says Faraz. Timely change is recommended, because with a low engine speed, you can also save a lot of fuel.

Inside the car when driving


You don’t have to overclock the engine and shift gears in time

Use small dance places

Of course, you can also save a few euros at the gas station. “Monday morning until 12:00 pm the cheapest prices, then the prices go up – and the prices go up every day at 12:00 pm too. It’s also very important: you don’t have to refuel on highways, highways, or in the city exits. “Small gas stations or discount gas stations are cheaper than large multinational oil companies,” says the expert.

Sabine Princes of Eisenstadt and Dominic Hegel of Morbisch on fuel prices

You can save as much as possible anyway if you leave the car at home. Before each car trip, you should consider if there are alternatives, such as walking or riding a bike. Faraz said you’ll do something good for the environment and you’ll also do something good for your health if you walk or bike. At €2 per liter of fuel, you benefit more.

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