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What sales tricks you should know when shopping in the supermarket

What sales tricks you should know when shopping in the supermarket

Hans Georg Hausel

Consumer psychologist, brain researcher, and author knows that most decisions are made unconsciously. And for all those who want to keep an eye on their finances when grocery shopping (or have to in times of high inflation), it’s best to follow the good old tips from Grandma’s days.

Rule #1

Don’t go shopping hungry – or else you’ll end up with more in your cart than you really need.

Rule number 2

Write a shopping list, so think about what you want to cook before you get home. “Many of them are so lazy, they go to the store and are simply inspired there,” says Häusel. When you’re in the store, buy only what’s on the shopping list.

Rule number 3

Don’t blindly try to reach the number one brand on the shelf, Häusel advises: “Those who buy private labels can save up to 20 percent—and often for the same quality.”

Tale on the side

And last but not least, it can be beneficial from a woman’s point of view to bring your partner with you when you go shopping. Studies have shown that men tend to grumble and thus somewhat dampen the sense of satisfaction in the supermarket. In other words, dampen the buying mood. So it is no coincidence that large supermarkets often have a coffee corner or a sausage kiosk in the entrance area, where women can hand over their husbands for shopping without inconvenience.

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