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Elon Musk's lawyers complain about Twitter lawsuit

Elon Musk’s lawyers complain about Twitter lawsuit

Elon Musk Lawyers criticize it Twitter after the explosion take over You want to find the first negotiation date especially quickly. After the head of Tesla $44 millionBy canceling the deal, Twitter filed a lawsuit (I mentioned Futurezone).

According to Musk’s lawyer, Twitter now wants a court hearing turn speedreports Bloomberg. Accordingly, the action should already be September beginning. Lawyers want the appointment to be as soon as possible February 2023 Pay.

Dispute about robots

According to Twitter, the hearing is scheduled to take place in Delaware Chancery Court inside 4 days exhaustion. However, Musk’s lawyers differ in opinion, as setting up “fForensic testing and analysis of large amounts of dataThey cited Twitter’s failure to provide timely data on spam accounts and bots as the reason for the failed deal.

Twitter has passed the data release 2 months hesitant. The fact that they are now in such a hurry for a court hearing is another tactic to “hide data via spam accounts,” according to Musk’s lawyers. Twitter has not commented on the allegations. In the original lawsuit, the social media platform accused Musk of only using the missing information as a file pretext Use to checkout.

In the July 19 The hearing is the scheduling of the first court hearing.

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