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Gallery in Wies: Edda Hochkofler - an artist accepted by many artists

Gallery in Wies: Edda Hochkofler – an artist accepted by many artists

Edda Hochkofler lives her blazing passion for art not only in national and international homes, having performed many roles with many other greats, but also in her studio in Wies. Through the exhibition “Inspiration of My Life” on Saturday, November 19, the singer will present two more creative fields of activity, namely ceramics and painting. Both her painted and sculpted works are unique. The show will be opened at 2 p.m. by Mayor Joseph Waltel.

what or what. Singing was in its infancy. Her talent was evident from her first performances when she was four years old. Later she succeeded on stage in operas, festivals and theaters. Wies’ upcoming exhibition reflects their greatness versatility in the visual field The opposite.

“Inspiration of my life”

About 170 artworks – two thirds of them piled ceramic, includes ter painting – She chose Edda Hochkofler, which she now presents in her Exhibition in Gaißeregg Indicates. The business has been established over two decades, but mainly in the last five years. Ida Hochköfler was comforting: “I was very hardworking.”

“Three things have accompanied me all my life: singing, painting and forming.”
Ida Hochköfler He studied classical and Italian singing and music history at the Conservatory in Graz (Editorial Board: Academy of Music Today).

Edda Hochkofler does not work with the potter’s wheel. She prefers to express herself with both hands. Clay is used in different colors and grain sizes. “I fire everything myself – except for raku ceramics.” It’s often twice that at 1000°C when painting things.

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Great teachers and supporters

Josef Fink, Head of the Minoriten Cultural Center in Graz for many years, and well-known South Styrian painter Dr. Karl Rottke as Guide Sponsor. The exhibits that Edda Hochkofler exhibits in her gallery are oil on linen, acrylic on linen and watercolor. The artist even developed her own style of pouring.

For the first time in the lead role

However, Edda Hochkofler also succeeded in the world of opera, operetta and theater. Her first appearance in 1976 in Graz Opera Gave them the same with the occupation of a essential role. She got her first thunderous applause as Lisa in Lahar’s operetta “Land of Smiles”.

Links at home and abroad

Today, when Ida Hochköfler browses newspaper clippings, cultural reviews, and photos from bygone times, her eyes light up as if she were seeing these appearances in the shows in question (for example, “The Circus Princess”, “The Golden Master”, “Opera Ball”, “Relive”). The Widow of Fun “,” The Bat “,” Magic Flute “or” Monastery Rosencavalier “.
Her hardships were willingly forgotten, often returning home to West Styria the following night to perform – often on snowy roads – as her family and the business that she and her husband Hermann had built, awaited them.
Edda Hochkofler was – both in Heinz Konrads or Felix Durac Guest appearance on several major TV shows in the evening program. She has played many roles at the Graz Opera House, Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Vienna Raimundtheater, Salzburg Festspielhaus and Landestheater. She often performed at the Lehar Summer Festival in Bad Ischl and at the open arena in Baden near Vienna. The posts also took her to Switzerland, Luxembourg and Newport in the USA.

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Artistic inspiration through music

Edda Hochkofler also loves to listen to music while drawing and shaping. There are different styles of music that you find relaxing and inspiring.
The exhibition “The Inspiration of My Life” can also be viewed after 19 November by pre-appointment at 0664/1815000. To this end, in cooperation with Martina Schafezzi (concept), Simon Haring (drawing) And the Brigitte Bowles (Photos) also index He ended the phone conversation.