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Mavi Phoenix

Favorite FM4 songs with Mavi Phoenix

You probably only get good fans if you’re a really good fan. Favorite FM4 songs with Mavi Phoenix.

to Lisa Schneider

Favorite FM4 songs

Musicians talk about songs that changed their lives. Always Sundays from 4 pm to 5 pm With Granada, AZE, KeKe, Wanda, Farce, Fuzzman, Danger Dan and many more.

A fan is someone who campes out for hours (maybe even overnight?) in front of where their favorite pop star will perform. Who leaves this place only to eat or for other urgent needs – and if so, then only insured by friends. When the doors open, they rush, forward, forward, to the front row. And whoever dressed so beautifully, put on makeup and provided them with somewhat ugly, but lovingly designed stickers, that this favorite pop star would notice and even give behind-the-scenes passes as a bonus.

This is what happened in the life of young Mavi Phoenix, during Lady Gaga’s performance in Vienna. It’s been a long time, but that doesn’t mean the eyes sparkle less when remembered. We’re dancing right.

A little late: Marlon is a “too young button” at his first concert (in the account of the “too young” button means about six years old). He is taken there by his aunt, and due to the party visitor’s mediocre height, he is immediately escorted to the hole right in front of the stage. It was very nice as they were, concerts by German punk band Mia electropop. Hungry hearts and dancing particles.

Meanwhile, Mavi Phoenix prefers to go on tour with HAIM or even go to the studio with Rosalía. Or chatting up good song lyrics and better hooks with Damon Albarn: “If I had to pick one song I’d love to write, it would probably be ‘Feel Good Inc.'” By Gorillaz.

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This is not only a smart music choice, but it will also be useful for calculation. At the very least, that could mean enough initial capital to relax backstage on a Versace upholstered bed, like the aforementioned Lady Gaga, just as sweaty fans arrive. Would he do it the same way, glitter, glitter, silky toilet paper? “Well, fix it,” he laughs, warm as usual, because Mavi Phoenix has that, too.

Above all, since he was a musician himself, he knew how important fans were – and how important their support was. Emotionally and completely unromantic on a financial level. Mavi Phoenix had to cancel the rest of his tour dates in Germany and Switzerland. He simply sold too few tickets, which maybe As suggested in the accompanying Instagram post, is based on the fact that his musical direction has changed dramatically. Certainly also because it’s like a lot of national and international acts right now: the concert set (keywords: it’s finally possible again to the fullest!) is huge, the audience is overwhelmed with anxiety and buys fewer tickets than they plan to do the pandemic would do.

Being a fan and giving someone support in any way is always a good gift. Seven weeks until Christmas!

Favorite FM4 songs

Musicians talk about songs that changed their lives. Every Sunday from 4-5pm with Granada, AZE, KeKe, Wanda, Farce, Fuzzman, Danger Dan and many more.