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Gameplay video and information about Montana DLC

Gameplay video and information about Montana DLC

(MST/ – Over the past few weeks and months, SCS Software has regularly provided the American Truck Simulator community with information and screenshots about the Montana DLC expansion. So it’s time to add some variety to your routine.

Montana downloadable content expands the economic cycle in American Truck Simulator


Now you have one The first gameplay video was released Which, with a runtime of about 30 minutes, is quite detailed, but according to the developer studio, it only makes a first impression given the many possibilities available.

They also noted that everything they show is still “in progress” and that things can and very likely change here and there until the final release. The team responsible for the extension is currently busy improving it.

But this does not prevent SCS from providing more information and screenshots. This time it’s all about ports of entry and also about new cargo and cargo that expands the economic cycle in truck and transport simulator with add-on.

Once upon a time, “ports of entry” were just places where truck drivers came into the country and stopped for inspection, but modern terminals are much more than that. Just think of Broadus Weigh Station, which has several billboards near its main building features, or the Kootenai and Lolo rest areas, which provide great surroundings for any trucker who passes these locations.

And sometimes it’s their perfect and precise location that makes these places special. Haugan Weigh Station is on the Idaho border, Franny’s Port of Entry is on the Wyoming border, and Weigh Station NB and SB are off I-15 off Interstate 15, which is 396 miles (637 km) away in Montana.

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“We hope that these stations will provide the best first impression of access to the new expansion map from neighboring countries.” But the question is, what shiny new cargo can you ferry through all those awesome stations?

Answer: utility poles, circuit breakers, garbage trucks, silane gas, garbage containers, waste paper, trees, beet harvester. World Health Organization More details Learn about it and for yourself View related screenshots If you want, just follow the link.