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Gas - EU Commission is working on an emergency plan for the gas crisis

Gas – EU Commission is working on an emergency plan for the gas crisis

The European Commission is working on a contingency plan for a gas crisis. The German news agency received a first draft that states, for example, that public and commercial buildings and offices should be heated to a maximum of 19 degrees in the fall. “Acting now could reduce the impact of the sudden supply disruption by a third,” the statement said. There is now a “significant risk” that Russia will cut off gas supplies to Europe this year.

They say companies that can replace gas should reduce their consumption. The goal is to protect industries that are particularly important to supply chains and competitiveness. Families are also encouraged to consume less voluntarily. “Anyone can save gas now,” the committee wrote.

The timing of the delivery stop is important

Current rules state that households and hospitals should be given priority, for example, in the event of a gas shortage. However, if electricity production is at risk, states can put the supply of gas-fired power plants to supply electricity through designated protected consumers, she said. The plan is subject to change and is expected to be officially presented next Wednesday (July 20).

According to the text, simulations conducted by the regulatory authority ENTSO-G showed that a halt in delivery in July would mean that gas storage facilities could not be sufficiently filled and that there would still be shortages in the winter and next year. If there is disruption in October or later, there will be less risk to winter demand. (Abba)