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GASGAS hits the road with the SM 700 and ES 700!

GASGAS hits the road with the SM 700 and ES 700!

These high-performance siblings bring the fun, lively GASGAS character to the road, delivering a clean, straight and engaging driving style.

Enduro meets Super Moto

Say hello to the two hot new red singles in town – the GASGAS SM 700 and the GASGAS ES 700! These high-performance siblings bring the fun, lively GASGAS character to the road, delivering a clean, straight and engaging driving style. With powerful single-cylinder engines, ultra-sharp handling and modern driving aids, driving on and off-road is more fun than ever!

Just like our off-road bikes, the launch of the GASGAS SM 700 and GASGAS ES 700 is all about making the party a little different, with bikes that put a smile on people’s faces. With distinctive, reliable, high-performance bikes that reflect our Hispanic heritage and fun-loving personality, we welcome and encourage every rider to go!

In the past two years, we have re-established ourselves as a leading force in off-road racing. With the successful introduction of a full range of off-road products, we have rapidly progressed from newcomers to race winners and championship winners. But we’re not only interested in the off-road world. Just like offroad, we want to get back on the road and have fun!

GASGAS street bikes benefit from an agile, high-performance technology base. The trellis frame made of chrome molybdenum steel has been developed for optimum handling, low weight and ensures sharp cornering and straightening. The die-cast aluminum swingarm provides just the right amount of flexibility to transfer power to the ground without restriction, while a 13.5-liter tank integrated into the polyamide subframe keeps the center of gravity as low as possible to improve the driving experience of this supercar – singles continue to improve. The latest ABS system and PASC clutch, which perfectly balances the motorcycle for precise steering, ensure complete control and stability when drifting into corners.

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The beating heart of these bikes is undoubtedly the motors! With 74 horsepower at 8000 rpm and plenty of torque, you can ride these versatile bikes your way. There’s a lot of magic hiding under the fresh red color that pairs perfectly with these street models with our EC and MC range. The latest electronics always ensure accurate throttle response at full power, while the six-speed gearbox enables smooth gear changes thanks to the fast, integrated transmission.

Equipped with the latest EURO 5 compliant exhaust systems, advanced driving modes and high-quality components, the GASGAS SM 700 and ES 700 offer pure driving pleasure, both on and off-road.

SM 700 . Gases

SM 700
The GASGAS SM 700 is a super-bore motorcycle that puts a smile on riders’ faces as it brings one-cylinder fun to everyday life – no matter where you go. With its powerful performance, the SM 700 is ideal for urban traffic. It offers best-in-class performance, dynamic on-road control, advanced electronics and the lifelike appearance of GASGAS. Moving from A to B has never been easier, more fun and exciting!

700 . gases

IT 700
The ES 700 offers the ultimate in versatility to make every ride an enjoyable one. With the ES 700, all riders can explore off-road tracks, venture on mixed surfaces, or add more fun to their daily routine. The GASGAS ES 700 is a fun, versatile dual-sport bike that combines high quality, street legal performance and proven off-road capabilities, bringing GASGAS’s lively, street style to the streets. With a 13.5-liter tank, comfortable seating position, quality equipment, and a 74-horsepower single-cylinder engine, there’s nowhere the ES 700 can’t go. How far you take them is up to you!

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To ensure riders get the most out of the SM 700 and ES 700, GASGAS offers a full range of technical and apparel accessories. GASGAS offers all the technical parts you need to increase protection, improve style, and achieve greater bore performance. With a Supermoto suit and gloves, riders can ride knowing they are very well protected.

Brand new gas component!

Did you know you can assemble your dream GASGAS ES 700 or SM 700? Simply go to our website and use our smart configurator to add the parts and accessories you love to make your GASGAS ES 700 or SM 700 your own! With a simple click of a few buttons, you can compose it to your liking. It’s highly effective and incredibly easy to use, so what are you waiting for? I continue!