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ABB exceeds expectations in the first quarter, increases expectations |  Message

OTS: Fretello has earned three… | newsletter

Guitar learning app Fretello has won a project worth three million euros

Capital / “Growth Overdrive” for guitar teachers on smartphones (PHOTO)

Vienna (ots) – Fretello accelerates growth and becomes refreshed

Capital for further growth: the guitar app receives about three million euros

Investment from the European Super Angels Club, a Finnish venture capital fund

Sparkmind, Tractive founders Michael Tschernuth and Michael Leitner as well

Hey high tech fund. Formerly “Part of the Band” co-founder of Runtastic

Alfred Luger, Pioneers Ventures II from Startup300 and Business Angels

Christian Holzinger, Chris Wildmosser, Hermann Wouter and Klaus Dernberger.

Every successful funding round is an important milestone in

A Startup Success Path: “It’s always a rollercoaster ride, even if you are

Like Fretello, it can show excellent growth and very good head numbers.”

says Florian Leitner, co-founder of Fretello. “this is the most important

Having trusted and experienced business angels on board

Watch your back when unexpected surprises arise. one dimension

After an exciting year, we are now very pleased with the entry of new investors: Von

We expect valuable strategy from Sparkmind and European Super Angels Club

support for further growth.

European Super Angels club president, Berthold Borek Karlisch, who

Through the Luxembourg Venionaire Ventures Srl and other club union fund

– “EXF Alpha SCS” – Responsible, adds: “The appropriate strategy for the individual

The members were so cool that we did our due diligence first

They manage to record sales successes. see through direct

The sales support we can provide is an obvious advantage to the team

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We are pleased to have another high-growth company in our portfolio.”

“Guitar teacher in your pocket”

Fretello is a virtual guitar teacher available anytime and anywhere

A smartphone, tablet or computer can be used. He plays the guitar

not easy. Beginners are often tired and don’t know how to do it

You learned the tool correctly. This is exactly where Fretello comes in: ternary learning

– ben – play “Taught as part of an interactive curriculum presented in

Cooperation with Austrian music schools and music teachers: at home

It was developed for digital teaching. motivation to learn

Games and songs from Sony and Kobalt catalogs to play with

complement the methodological concept. This well-thought-out methodology motivates above all else

Beginning guitarists stay tuned. The algorithm also decomposes

Fun aspects such as pitch, rhythm and playing technique. The

The smartphone app offers musicians similar notes to a guitar teacher

And tips to improve your games.

About 725,000 guitarists have joined Fretello since its founding

registered. Every second guitarist experiences a learning show

He decides to sign up. More than half of the guitarists come

Including from the USA and Great Britain.

The new capital should be used mainly to increase the range

To expand learning opportunities and enter into partnerships in the global music business

Closing: “Most people don’t even know when to buy their first guitar

Whether the guitar is suitable for her, not to mention that she likes a musical instrument

You want to learn,” Lettner says. Our goal is to give musicians a tool

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To provide learning when you get the guitar for the first time in

Share.” A similar pilot project has been launched with a music wholesaler

It has already been successfully rolled out.

Fritillo on the Apple platform

By developing the world’s first augmented reality music learning experience

Apple also became aware of Fretello and has been promoting the products ever since

regularly in the App Store. In 2019, Fretello appeared as a show

The main stage at WWDC, Apple’s legendary developer community conference.

Fretello’s founding team, Wolfgang Damm and Florian Lettner, decided to do just that

at Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences and started using the mobile app in 2016


About the European Super Angels Club

In 2017, the partners from Venionaire Capital and KPMG Austria established the European Union

Super Angels Club. Inspired by the idea of ​​connecting Europe with its largest

To highlight the talents of the European Union and as a European Union

A consortium to provide the necessary funding with a view to

We let the world conquer, we decided to start this project.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank (originally Semper Constantia Private Bank),

Deutsche Brse Venture Network, the best international law firms such as

Sheppard-Wedderburn, accelerators like Wayra (telefonica) and many more

They have supported the club from the beginning until today. About 40 pitches every year

Startups in front of a select group of investors and many succeed

Millions of investments as a result of the initiative and its mutual fund

To bring.

About Fritilo

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Fretello GmbH ( is an Austrian educational technology company

start. The company develops mobile apps to help musicians learn from them

Supporting musical instruments with the help of interactive learning content.

In addition, Fretello is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence

portable devices. In 2019, the startup, in collaboration with Apple, owns the world

Deliver the first fully immersive augmented reality learning experience. Fritello

Helps beginner musicians to learn guitar in a systematic way

Learn to achieve their goals. The company cooperates with

Well-known music teachers and Austrian accredited music schools.

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