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Gasoline theft: Criminals use cellphones to manipulate gas pumps in US

Gasoline theft: Criminals use cellphones to manipulate gas pumps in US

In the United States, gas station operators are increasingly victims of sophisticated fraud. Criminals use the Bluetooth functionality of their cell phones to manipulate gas pumps and thus steal free gasoline. Especially in times of high petrol prices, many are tempted to resort to such illegal methods despite the illegality of their actions.

For example, Detroit drivers stole nearly 800 gallons of gasoline (3,000 liters) from a Shell gas station. This corresponds to a loss of almost $3,000. Gas station owner Mo says on a local radio station: “They open the gas taps automatically Fox 2.

Petrol thieves use Bluetooth connectivity to hack petrol pumps

He describes criminals using Bluetooth connectivity from their cell phones to submerge gas pump systems. In a sense, they act as a kind of remote control. This creates a kind of “free access” to gasoline.

And the staff at the gas station are initially powerless, as Mo says: “Every time we try to stop pump three, nothing happens. We have to turn off all the pumps – we have emergency stop switches.

After all, a suspect was recorded on a surveillance camera and is now being sought. But this is not a lone culprit. This scam is not new, it is coming out again. Moe explains that his employees are vigilant. If you see a lot of cars at the pump or a person staying for a short time, call the police. “We can’t do more,” he says.

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