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USA: About 1,000 birds die after crashing into windows

USA: About 1,000 birds die after crashing into windows

1,000 birds crashed into the windows of a convention center in Chicago overnight. This is an exceptionally high number, several US media outlets reported yesterday (local time).

The highest number documented in the last 40 years

True, such tragedies occur every year, especially in autumn and spring when migratory birds migrate. In 40 years, Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History has never documented such a high number, the institution wrote on Instagram yesterday. “It was frustrating,” bird expert David Willard told the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

“You see a rose-breasted grosgrain that would have gone to the Peruvian Andes if it hadn’t flown into a window in Chicago.” Among other things, he cited the convention center’s illuminated windows and weather as unfavorable as possible. Reasons for the incident.

Rain and warmer temperatures delayed the birds’ migration, and then they all started at once, CBS reported. That’s why there were particularly high numbers of migratory birds in the area, Douglas Stotts from the Field Museum explained to CBS.

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