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Prima la musica – Sophie Heim gives a concert in the church in Ybbsitz

Prima la musica – Sophie Heim gives a concert in the church in Ybbsitz

Sophie Heim (left) gave a concert at the church in Randij on Sunday. On Saturday, February 17, she will again perform the organ concert at Ipsets Parish Church. Sister Emilia (right) led the concert in Randig and will also lead the concert in Ybbsitz.


sUwe Heim invites you to a concert in the church on Saturday with works by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi, Johann Sebastian Bach and Charles Marie Widor.

Next Saturday, after the evening Mass, at around 7.40pm, Sophie Heim will give a concert at Ipsets Parish Church. It displays the works that will compete in the state competition “prima la musica” on February 27 in St. Pölten. Sophie, who already serves as organist at the Maria Sisal Pilgrimage Church, presented the demanding organ program on the Sunday after morning mass at Randege Parish Church.

She has already had success in state and national competitions in previous years. The program includes the Allegro Molto from Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi's Sixth Sonata, the first movement of Johann Sebastian Bach's Trio Sonata, BWV 529, and to complete it, the first movement, Allegro, from the French Sixth Symphony. Composer and organist Charles Marie Widor.

As in Randegg, the church concert will be led by Sophie's younger sister Emilia, with whom she has already celebrated successes on the piano with four hands. Admission was free at Randegg and free at Ybbsitz.

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