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German band Lea Porcelain is hoping the Pinoys will enjoy their new album

German band Lea Porcelain is hoping the Pinoys will enjoy their new album

Although “Choirs of Heaven” has not come out of the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus, the album, as emphasized by producer Julian Bracht, is “a soundtrack to isolate the epidemic.” note

Berlin’s electronic rock duo, Lea Porcelain, wants to expand its audience in Southeast Asia.

In an interview with this author and producer Julian Bracht and singer Marcus Nikolaos, captain of this German band, they hope their new album, “Choirs of Heaven” will delight the Filipino crowd.

Lea Porcelain was recently chosen as a band by Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, which can be seen on KULT FM on Grand Theft Auto Online. Before the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted shows, Lea Porcelain performed at world famous festivals in Reading and Leeds, England.

The sign helped with the growth of Lea Porcelain’s audience outside of their homeland, Germany.

“I think when music fans all over the world think about German music, it’s either electronic like Kraftwerk and Atari Teenage Riot or New Wave and Goth with Nena and Xmal Deutschland and Peter Schilling and extremism, where you like metal and hard rock music Ramstein,” Bracht explained. Blind Guardian, Scorpions, and Kreator, to name a few. ”

“We, Lia Porzilan, are somewhere in between.

For strangers who hear “Choruses of Heaven,” one might hear the effects of post-punk bands such as Joy Division and Bauhaus, Shoegazers Ride’s deep highways, Radiohead’s quirks and Interpol music.

Nicholas’ eyes light up when these gangs are mentioned.

“We love these artists,” a guitarist who discovered more wireless electronics in his former band, Wolf + Lamb, admitted with ballet school drummer Louis McGuire. “But we are the product of what we feel now.”

“We know that Filipinos are great music lovers and they know German bands and artists very well,” added Nicholas. “We hope Lea Porcelain will be added to your favorite playlists and music.”

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Although “Choirs of Heaven” has not emerged from the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus, the album, as Bracht noted, is “a soundtrack to isolate the epidemic.”

Indeed, the album was recorded in Berlin and Los Angeles.

Notable tracks include “Choir to Heaven,” “Paul Song,” and “Ohio.”

“We understand isolation, but it is through music that we find solidarity that helps us,” Bracht said. “So it is a product of our music and our lives over the past two years. Music is a spiritual connection with people all over the world.”

“We hope the Filipinos like it. And when everything is better, we hope we can perform in front of the Filipino audience as well.”

Choirs of Heaven is available on all broadcast platforms and will be available in physical formats such as vinyl and CDs sometime this month.