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Ingrid Kalinowski: The cult star has died from TV Total

Ingrid Kalinowski: The cult star has died from TV Total

Management announced Tuesday. Ingrid Kalinovsky – as her full name was called – died early in the morning at the age of 83 with her family. A message said: “She desperately wanted Klaus to send one last greeting to her friends and fans.”

Ingrid, who worked as a beautician prior to her late television career, and her husband Klaus gained prominence since the early 2000s with their appearances on the rap program “Total Total”. From state elections to cloning, they commented on current issues and their daily lives – and over and over again mired in amusing bickering. Recently, it’s getting quieter for the couple. And management explained that Ingrid withdrew from the public for health reasons years ago. Total TV also no longer exists.

“As much as they quarreled in front of the camera, the love of the twisted TV couple in their private lives was so strong,” the message said. Klaus lovingly cared for his wife to the end, with whom he had been happily married for more than 60 years.

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