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“German Forest Gump”: Jonas Teichmann wants to run 10,000 kilometers across America

“German Forest Gump”: Jonas Teichmann wants to run 10,000 kilometers across America

Many people dream of an unforgettable road trip through America from east to west. Jonas Teichmann left the Brooklyn Bridge in New York today on a 4-month adventure. However, he would deny this a bit differently. He is cycling 5439 kilometers from the East Coast to the West Coast of America. But that’s not all: later, 5041 kilometers were walked in 100 ultramarathons.

The exceptional athlete has already made headlines in the past. A year and a half ago he traveled around the world in a triathlon. After 430 days and a total of 120 days, Jonas Teichmann returned to Germany. He swam 450 km, cycled 21,000 km and ran 5,060 km. Since then, the press has nicknamed him the “German Forrest Gump”. Today Jonas Teichmann starts his new Duathlon by USA.

Netflix has a documentary about him and his travels called The Limit Is Just Me. This time he’s on his own for his next adventure. Because Jonas Teichmann will set off alone, he won’t have a team. He rejoices loudly My TV Especially “the combination of solitude, camping under the stars or in the desert for the night, and meeting people on the other side. Americans are such crazy people and so diverse. You’re welcomed everywhere with open arms, and that’s great.”
He carries his stuff on his bike in saddlebags. Even on foot, he pulls a cart with luggage. He won’t promote the food: “The American breakfast is pancakes and sausages and fried eggs — perfect. Then a few more Snickers and I’m happy,” he said. attention.

Through his duathlon, Teichmann committed to World Cycling Relief and is committed to supporting children in Africa. The aim is to raise around 50,000 euros in donations.

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