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German League Qualifiers Group Live Stream: FK Austria Wien - SKN St.  Pölten - Soccer

German League Qualifiers Group Live Stream: FK Austria Wien – SKN St. Pölten – Soccer

Wiener Austria sees a potential theater destination, St.Pölten the little straw.

With the candidate winning at home on Saturday (5:00 pm local time) LIVE-barIn the penultimate round there will be a double certainty: Austria will move to the deciding round at least second in the qualifying group in the Bundesliga, where the last ticket for the international stage will be awarded. Saint Pölten, on the other hand, will be the last in the 2020/21 season.

“For us, it’s about performing as we did against Hartberg and defending our position,” said Austria coach Peter Stogger, defining the starting position. “St. Pölten should win the match. We want to win the match.” His assessment: “There won’t be much waiting.” And: “It will be a battle on the turning point and collapse.”

Austria was unbeaten in four matches at home, and St. Pölten was not defeated in the distribution list for long.

Stuger: “We own it in our hands”

With a 3: 1 against Heartburgers, who are now level on points, Violet triumphed in a relaxed position. Participation in the play-off match is currently locked with four points.

Stöger: “It’s in our hands, the conditions for the next two matches are very good.” In the end, Austria will be the guest of Stalker Reed. On May 24, the first group of the qualifying group will meet the second, before the fifth group of the championship group plays in the second leg (27 and 30 May respectively).

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Team management continues to be a challenge for Stuger. Some players have not changed. In the case of Pichler, Wimmer and Ebner, the coach gave something simple but not definitive on a Friday afternoon. “It’s something that we’ve also learned to live with over the past few weeks. It’s not the coach’s favorite process now, but at times like this you have to deal with it.”

St Bölten’s 3: 3 letter against Altach was analyzed, and returning coach Gerald Baumgartner’s handwriting was legible to Stuger. “They were dangerous again, as I saw them in the fall.”

However, the Lower Austrians abandoned their 3-1 lead. So Stogger suspects: “Maybe the psychological factor in St. Poulton isn’t incredibly positive. You have to see how it affects the team.”

SKN will cling to the little straw.

Baumgartner reinterprets a lost victory as an artistic mark of life. If you are five points behind, the savings bank is far, but visible.

Or as Baumgartner put it: “We will stick to the little straw as much as we can.” After Austria appeared in Hartberg, St. Pölten had to deal with landing scenarios. Baumgartner: “We know what it has in store for us.”

Currently he has to formulate a lot into the clause. Relegation is likely to be first degree, but it is not consistent. If a team from the top two in League Two, Liefering and BW Linz, no longer score in the remaining two rounds, Wacker Innsbruck or Austria Klagenfurt can advance to a direct promotion place with a maximum number of points.

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And made the worst-case scenario for the bottom of the German league called direct relegation materialize. “We are now thinking positively and we want to do our duty,” Baumgartner said. “This includes winning over Austria.”

In the last-chance match against his former team at the moment, Baumgartner has to find the necessary balance. “We want to be active, we are the team that has to score, but we have 90 minutes for that. The rest of the defense must be awake.”

With Steinwinder, Loan, Blauensteiner and possibly also Mehmedbegovi, a possible four-man defense streak is not available due to injury. With Davies (the thigh) there is also a missing offensive option.

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